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Chicago Old School Graffiti


ABC evolved from a few artists in the Logan Square neighborhood, to include over a dozen artists and writers from all over the city. View photos of our artists, and their creations.

1985: In Seen's Apartment (Flash, Drip, Angelo, Rone, B-Boy-B)

1986: Victory Signs outside the courtroom (Seen, Pepo, Rone, Take 2)

1994: Club in Champaign, IL. Pengo (Seen, B-Boy-B, Take 2, Rone) Slang

1989: Gallery 37, Chicago, IL. Keith Harring & Risk (Risk)

1986: Blue line subway tunnel tags. Photo Courtesy of DJ 3rd Rail. (Seen, Take, Rone)

1985: Shorties in front of the Goofy wall (Risk and Dominic Vega (RIP))

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