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1976 - Angel (Seen/Esteemed), while living in New York, does his first piece 'Angel'.
1979 - Angel moves to Chicago, does his second piece 'Angel' on a garage in Logan Square.
1980 - Angel does a 'Love' piece on the side of a school in Logan Square.
1981 - Angel is doing sidewalk graffiti with both chalk and spray paint.
- Berto (B-Boy-B) does his first piece 'Berto and Tony' on Sacramento and Wellington in Logan Square.
1983 - Angel and Berto hookup and start the Angel and Berto Crew (ABC).
- Syke, Flash, Gizmo and Drip join ABC. ABC now represents 'Artistic Bombing Crew'.
- Take 2 does his first pieces near Milwaukee and Cicero, and then starts doing trains on the Blue line with Pepo.
1984 - Rosy, Repo, Peppermint, Nikke, Imari, Stormy, Scorpio, Catch 22 and Take 2 join ABC.
1985 - Pepo, Rip 66, Trixter, Pilot and Dice join ABC.
- ABC, MPC and TCP start the FEDS.
1986 - Risk and Hate join ABC. Repo passes away
1988 - Seen is shot and lives.
1989 - Hate falls from a roof but unfortunately he passes away on July 3rd.


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